class alphatab.model.Score

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The score is the root node of the complete model. It stores the basic information of a song and stores the sub components.

Instance Fields

var album:String

The album of this song.

var artist:String

The artist who performs this song.

var copyright:String

The owner of the copyright of this song.

var instructions:String

Additional instructions

var music:String

The author of the music.

var notices:String

Some additional notes about the song.

var subTitle:String

The subtitle of the song.

var tab:String

The author of this tablature.

var tempo:Int

var tempoLabel:String

var title:String

The title of the song.

var tracks:Array<Track>

var words:String

The author of the song lyrics

function new():Void

function addMasterBar(bar:MasterBar):Void

function addTrack(track:Track):Void